Rui Quinta
is a portuguese Communication Designer with the special focus on not being focused on anything in particular. He started as a “classic” graphic designer but soon made his own company, learned about the importance of understanding the business perspective, developed interest in brand strategy and in the last years has been consciously applying some core “values” of what some people call “design thinking”. Basically, he wants to help people realize their beliefs in to images and feelings while bringing everyone into the design process. He is the son.

Tiago Nunes
is an industrial designer with experience in strategic development and innovation processes through design (Design Thinking). Research, creation, management and development of design projects in multidisciplinary teams and active member of international networks of innovators, researchers, and young project managers. Interested in strategic design, social innovation, industrial/product design, service design, creativity and innovation processes through design. Currently he works in projects oriented towards innovation. He is the friend of the son.

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Nuno Casas
is a specialist in bottom line performance and a Lean Six Sigma certified professional. He’s allegedly the smartest guy in the block, now that the korean twins have moved to Alverca and Jordan Knight is a family man. He likes to think that, with the right pair of glasses and a turtleneck he could be the next great innovator of our generation. In the meantime, he will be focusing on the “numbers” of the project, trying to put the business way above the water.

Zsuzsi Bayer

Cláudio Medina
is an equipment designer, web-designer and developer, 3d artist and graphic designer. He give us all the support we need with the back end, and making this website more navigable.

What Would Harry Do?
its a team of innovators that met each other in Berlin but are actually from more than 10 different countries. It’s an amazing diverse group – designers, managers, marketeers, engineers, sociologists, psycologists, etc, etc – of more than 50 people that are willing to participate and contribute with expertise and ideas to this project. What Would Harry Do if he had to find a solution for our project?

Joana Mateus
Joana Mateus is a young girl who doesn’t know how to do a lot of things but who is ready to learn some of them. Well, most of the time she is pretty sure she knows how to draw letters, imaginary people and clouds.
Over the past few years Joana studied Design at the Universidade de Aveiro in Portugal and at the Universität Leipzig, in Germany. All in all, she is a 1.76 tall designer who likes sunny days and recently discovered she also enjoys drawing fish scales. Ah, wait! Her mother sells fish too!

Sofia Cavém
is a recent graduate in Food Engineering, currently doing a Master in Quality Management and Food Security. She loves the food sector since it’s very broad and dynamic due to the constant appearance of new food types and associated dangers.

Although she is from Lisbon, she fell in love easily by Peniche where she is currently living and studying and where she gained great knowledge about the fish industry, which she is happy to transfer to this project.

Guida Marques Pinto

is a freelance Portuguese business consultant who has lived a bit everywhere. From China to Spain, from London to Lisbon. Starting off as an architect in Shanghai in 2006 soon focus shifted to international project management and, after completing her MBA at Imperial College in London, solving strategic business dilemmas keeps her heart beating fast. Guida has recently moved back to Portugal, where she is helping several small and medium enterprises (SME’s) successfully export. At the same time she is introducing foreign companies to the unique Portuguese retail context and is an university researcher in marketing innovations. On top of that, Guida easily assumes an addiction for sailing and everything nonsense.


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