Our Company “Sodomar”– Sodomar is not dying. Sodomar has a challenge and that challenge is “how to be more profitable in the coming years”. Sodomar honors compromises and her main value is being known for paying everyone. The biggest problem is exactly the opposite. Sodomar has “500.000 euros” – that’s right, half a million euros – in others hands and this creates instability in the structure.
We are trying to help Sodomar regaining the balance by innovating the way they sell fish and redefining the systems maintaining the existing resources to make it more sustainable.

Everybody loves fresh fish – This is kind of a revelation. Portugal is one of the countries in Europe where people consume more fish. Still, a lot of people (really a lot), ignore the importance of integrating fish in their consuming habits.

A Branding project – This is not a branding project. We are here to look at the overall picture and not to solely design a new logotype. That could be something we end up doing in the end if we feel that it will add value. From the start it’s not the priority.

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