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Morning Meeting with the possible “future” of the company. Rui’s sister and brother in law where at our headquarters sharing with us their vision and motivations. In the afternoon we summarize the last 2 days and again we are smiling a lot by feeling that things are much more positive that they seen at a first glance. We are focusing on working on the structure to launch this company for the future. People first, and then…ideation (we did some real ideation also in the afternoon) and ACTION.

Zsuzsi Bayer has to leave to Berlin tomorrow. Thanks again Zsuzsi. You were a great inspiration for us. Let’s continue sharing ideas.

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Tiago spent one night summarizing the results of the survey (more than 40 entries in 2 days – INCREDIBLE PARTICIPATION. THANK YOU EVERYONE). Tiago updated Rui and Zsuzsi in great detail about the insights and experiences of the participants. This also our starting point point for the day.

We had also in the morning a very interesting meeting with a possible future partner. They came to us by seeing this website and in a way this shows the importance of being open and being able to share and exchange information with other people.

In the afternoon we changed our focus and proceeded to analyze the current organization of the company. It was a very interesting process. We explored several different frameworks which helped us to understand the core issues at hand. It is important to break-down the entire process and look at every detail. We questioned our findings and it pushed us to the next level.

Thanks Miguel Munoz (from for your great vision and insights. Thanks Joana Mateus ( for helping with the design of our 1st prototype and for the precious information about the fishing business (it’s not by chance that you have also some relation with this business – incredible coincidence). Tomorrow we will start testing our 1st solution. For more info on our day check the video on the latest post! tomorrow we have another travel. We are going to check the “Lota de Setúbal” and MARL again.

Thanks also again to all the people who have been sending emails and comments. We are integrating everything in our research.