After spending the monday developing tools our Tuesday was simply crazy…Visiting “Mercado da Ribeira” for the second time in a week. Meeting in the morning and visit to the fish shop. Visiting the “amadora market”. Meeting in Lisbon to evaluate a possible cooperation with another company. Weekly meeting with Sodomar team…redefining new tools…Ufff…


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Morning spent at the “Praça da Ribeira” for some more observations. One of the most iconic fish markets in Lisbon. The project is already in the implementation phase but we feel that it’s always good to keep contact with reality. We never know what are we going to discover next and being in these places always makes think in different opportunities.

After this visit we had a 3 hour meeting with a possible future partner that contacted us after discovering the “fishing for ideas” website.

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The day ended with a small talk and presentation of the distribution system at MARL. We iterated it, but in a way it was more about creating awareness regarding existing processes and optimizing roles along the distribution chain.
It was also a nice moment to understand which language we should use for our final presentation next monday, so that we can better express our ideas and engage people towards action. It’s being a learning process and today we learned something new.

By the way, we are already making some change. Our constant engagement with the Sodomar people, the openness of our process, and the discussion of our point of view as empowered them to act on crucial points, that they think it couldn’t be changed. Another myth was broken at Sodomar…

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What a day! Morning with Zsuszi Bayer that came from Berlin to join us for the project and with Rui’s sister. She is part of this change and we are involving her in the definition of the next steps.
Great lunch after that in a lovely place in Lisbon. Great view and a few beers to relax (;

Afternoon we interviewed about 10 people on the street and it was great to see the different opinions about fish. The taste, the way to cook it, the habits…

We officially started testing our 1st prototype…and….good news…it’s working. Some refinements to do still but…working beautifully!
Before dinner we managed to take our 1st decisions on what to do until the end of the project. What to prioritize…we also improved the SWOT analyses to present at night at MARL. We also launched our 1st online survey ! (more than 30 entries in a few hours…impressive how people are reacting to this…)

Before the meeting, observations and interviews at MARL we had a great dinner at PORTUGALIA (no fish…but a good steak while watching Benfica – Porto – what a classic!)

21h30 and on our way to the lota of Setúbal. we wanted to see the difference between Peniche and Setúbal so we we to see the procedures and the quality of the fish. Good surprise. Everything is quicker and people feel more open…maybe just a feeling.

MARL. Until 4am in the morning. Great meeting. This is getting exciting now. Already seeing the end of the project and the beginning of good and positives changes. Step by step everyone is understanding the importance of what we are trying to do. Yes, there’s so many things we can improve. Yes, it is possible to innovate in this business.

Thanks Miguel Munoz (from for your great vision and insights. Thanks Joana Mateus ( for helping with the design of our 1st prototype and for the precious information about the fishing business (it’s not by chance that you have also some relation with this business – incredible coincidence). Tomorrow we will start testing our 1st solution. For more info on our day check the video on the latest post! tomorrow we have another travel. We are going to check the “Lota de Setúbal” and MARL again.

Thanks also again to all the people who have been sending emails and comments. We are integrating everything in our research.