Last weekend we’ve got to emails from friends suggesting that we should buy “Expresso”. The most important weekly newspaper in Portugal had just written an incredible article about the fishing industry in Portugal. It’s never to late to gather some more info. In this case it help us validate some of the research we did during theses last 5 weeks.


We went back in time in this blog to see when had we started to test out 1st prototype. It was 10/11 days ago. And guess what? It still needs some refinements – we need to make sure that everything will work beautifully and we will change some procedures in the next few days – but it is working . The good news is that, after 10 days we have 5 new clients and…we are selling FISH my friends. We are selling fish.

Next week we have to hope for more.


First media article published about the project. This shows that people are paying attention to what we are doing with Sodomar. Let’s hope this will generate awareness to the fact that this company has a history behind it and people who want to change this business. Together, we will generate opportunities. Thanks “dinheiro vivo” and Mariana Barbosa for the great reference.

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Myth Number One:
Our Company “Sodomar”– Sodomar is not dying. Sodomar has a challenge and that challenge is “how to be more profitable in the coming years”. It’s a genuine family business that started more than 100 years ago. Sodomar honors compromises and her main value is being known for paying everyone and for being honest with their clients and suppliers.
We are trying to help Sodomar regaining the balance by innovating the way they sell fish and redefining their systems while maintaining the existing resources to make it more sustainable.

Everybody loves fresh fish – This is kind of a revelation. Portugal is one of the countries in Europe where people consume more fish. Still, a lot of people (really a lot), ignore the importance of integrating fish in their consuming habits.

A Branding project – This is not a branding project. We are here to look at the overall picture and not to solely design a new logotype. That could be something we end up doing in the end if we feel that it will add value. From the start it’s not the priority.