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The fishing business in Portugal is declining year after year for the last 10 to 15 years. This is not only a problem of the company we are trying to help but a general feeling in this area. There’s less fish, there’s less people buying and selling, there’s less people eating fish at home or in restaurants, there’s less people moving to buy on the distribution markets, there’s more and more big supermarkets making “crazy” promotions to attract the final consumer, it seems that the all market changed and only a few in the business were able to adapt. In the end it sounds like no one is paying anything to anyone and this is a depressive cycle that is easily tracked on people faces.

What we are trying to do here is to help my father redefine the vision he had for the company 26 years ago. To make shift by going up and thinking positively about the future. His company is the oldest in the business and is respected not only by that but by the fact that he respects everyone. His company is in the middle of the process (wholesale). He buys to the fisherman’s in the portuguese docs and to big enterprises that bring fish from other parts of the world. He has the potential to sell to the little markets, fish shops and restaurants and eventually others.

Fishing for ideas is just the code name for “Giving a hand on the family business.” project.
This project will be open to anyone who wants to suggest ideas and participate openly in trying to find solutions that will help this company survive in the fishing business trough the next decades.

This blog will be updated every day in the next 4 weeks.
It’s understandable that we suppress some information about the project in order to keep “people” more about the inputs. We will try still, to provide as much information as we can.

If you want more information on how you can help us or contribute with ideas please contact us.
Thanks in advance for everybody’s attention. Thanks specially to Tiago Nunes for saying yes to this amazing challenge. We can make a positive change by working with positive people. Thanks Tiago so much.

Rui Quinta

Mobile: +351 917441524

Tiago Nunes

Mobile: +351 932076026

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