Monthly Archives: April 2012

After spending the monday developing tools our Tuesday was simply crazy…Visiting “Mercado da Ribeira” for the second time in a week. Meeting in the morning and visit to the fish shop. Visiting the “amadora market”. Meeting in Lisbon to evaluate a possible cooperation with another company. Weekly meeting with Sodomar team…redefining new tools…Ufff…

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1st weekly meeting and another visit to our office in MARL. New tools are being used by the team to create a better sense of “getting things done”. People feel that they depend on each other to make progress. Everyone is feeling comfortable.

This picture is similar to another one we posted about a week ago…but it’s not the same. To be more precise this was the 3rd order. It’s the 3rd time we distribute fish to new clients in less than a week. This test for a new distribution channel is working. In a week we will prototype another idea in a market. We will explore new ways of selling fish directly to the public and we are going to apply some of the crazy ideas generated in the “facebook brainstorm session” we did a few days ago.

Last weekend we’ve got to emails from friends suggesting that we should buy “Expresso”. The most important weekly newspaper in Portugal had just written an incredible article about the fishing industry in Portugal. It’s never to late to gather some more info. In this case it help us validate some of the research we did during theses last 5 weeks.