Day 14 – Facebook Brainstorm Session and Distribution Map

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Motivation HIGH. We decided to focus on one specific opportunity that we had identified last week and explored new ideas to enhance it. In the 1st round of brainstorm we generated 60 ideas but we felt we needed more so we posed a challenge/question on Facebook. “If you were a fish, how would you like to be sold?”. In about a hour around other 60 ideas were generated by online friends and users (is this what people call “collaboration?) . We then cluster them and decided to step forward to another exercise that will be part of today’s meeting at MARL (yes, we are going there again, and we are going to spend the night there – smells like fish again!).

In the afternoon we designed the new distribution system to be implemented in the upcoming weeks. We are gonna iterate today and see if everybody agrees with it. It’s looking good.

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  1. Jaime Cardoso said:

    Hello Folks
    I think you’re all Portuguese but, since this is all written in English, well, I’m keeping the tone 🙂
    I just came across your project in and I simply had to take this out of my chest.
    The way I like best to eat fish is in sushi.
    Talking with a Sushi master, he told me that the usual master takes 10-12 years to reach that status in his career, something I can’t (ever) do.
    That explains all those sushi joints that are coming up where you can only have salmon sushi and all the site and such that “teach you” to make sushi by starting with “go to buy fish for sushi”.
    Well, how about if someone would start selling fish for sushi?
    I won’t even try to think on all the problems such a presentation would bring, can you freeze that fish? How long would the expiration be? Can it comply with all the rules and regulations? I’m sure you’ll know them better than me but, I will say that the supermarket I easily see in putting such a product for sale would be “Pingo Doce”

    Good luck and I hope you can work on this idea

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