Searching for the perfect mood

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Like we’ve experienced, Design Thinking is not only about having a human centered approach in order to create innovative solutions (and post its explosions) but it is also about creating the right conditions to develop empathy within members of a team. Being in Berlin taking the Design Think course gave us inspiration. At the beginning of the day we would do a warm up –  some physical activity that would push the teams to a greater spirit.

We decided in this project to take this to another level and so we play a “ninja” game every time we feel our energy is going a little bit down. We think fun has a great part in the way we work. we try to play some games (“ninja” is our favorite), make some good lunch breaks (pataniscas and wine are sometimes part of the menu) and to facilitate ideas an connections in our brains we take – always – a power nap. 20 minutes of sleeping or meditation, depending on the mood. This is a serious project but we couldn’t do it without having any fun.


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