Bringing the “client” into the process

“Historical” moments VS Cash Flow

Where is our company in the middle of all the players?

These are the 2 frameworks we developed today with the client.
One of them is a simple timeline to identify the crucial moments in the company since 1973 were we’ve identified ups and downs in the profitability of the company influenced by specific events.
The other framework is a classic stakeholder map were we tried to identify the mains players in this business. Since the fisherman’s to the final consumer. By the way. Our company is an wholesale (is the right word in english?).

Would be great to have your contributions here. Were can we buy fish? To whom can we sell fish? Fish Shops? Markets? Supermarkets? Hotels? More niche and targeted markets…Any suggestions? We appreciate everyone’s help.

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  1. Miguel said:

    Wholesaler is right, but I think Sodomar is more a distributor than a wholesaler. Wholesaler in english is Makro and Recheio for example.
    I believe your stakeholder map is missing INDUSTRY (where you can have fish related industries and others) and also EXPORT.

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