Defining the schedule.


Recently we’ve heard George Kembel form Standford University say: “When you think you need more time do finish something…that’s the moment you should decide to cut the time you have. Make it even shorter. That will make you push things forward”. 


We’ve decided to give a month to this challenge. And we feel it’s enough time to do something great.
This will be our basic structure for the next 30 days.
1st Week – Immersion, Research and Problem Definition.

2nd Week – Ideation, Prototyping, 1st Iteration, Testing and Workshop with different stakeholders.

3rd Week – Re-Think, Syntheses, Fishing for focus, Prototyping, 2nd Iteration, (presumably) test two Topics.

4th Week – Test 3rd topic, Ideate and Prototype, Test, Prepare presentation – Final presentation.


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