Monthly Archives: March 2012

We went back in time in this blog to see when had we started to test out 1st prototype. It was 10/11 days ago. And guess what? It still needs some refinements – we need to make sure that everything will work beautifully and we will change some procedures in the next few days – but it is working . The good news is that, after 10 days we have 5 new clients and…we are selling FISH my friends. We are selling fish.

Next week we have to hope for more.


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The day ended with a small talk and presentation of the distribution system at MARL. We iterated it, but in a way it was more about creating awareness regarding existing processes and optimizing roles along the distribution chain.
It was also a nice moment to understand which language we should use for our final presentation next monday, so that we can better express our ideas and engage people towards action. It’s being a learning process and today we learned something new.

By the way, we are already making some change. Our constant engagement with the Sodomar people, the openness of our process, and the discussion of our point of view as empowered them to act on crucial points, that they think it couldn’t be changed. Another myth was broken at Sodomar…

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Motivation HIGH. We decided to focus on one specific opportunity that we had identified last week and explored new ideas to enhance it. In the 1st round of brainstorm we generated 60 ideas but we felt we needed more so we posed a challenge/question on Facebook. “If you were a fish, how would you like to be sold?”. In about a hour around other 60 ideas were generated by online friends and users (is this what people call “collaboration?) . We then cluster them and decided to step forward to another exercise that will be part of today’s meeting at MARL (yes, we are going there again, and we are going to spend the night there – smells like fish again!).

In the afternoon we designed the new distribution system to be implemented in the upcoming weeks. We are gonna iterate today and see if everybody agrees with it. It’s looking good.