Oh yes. We had the feeling since the first day…and the project just validated a few assumptions. Last year, together with Filipe and Joana, we opened a fish shop in the center of Lisbon. Our studied company is “almost” a partner of this project since they are our main seller and we are becoming after 6 months one of their biggest clients. Family business…totally innovative! Check

It’s our pleasure to announce that the “fishing for ideas” project is among the best service/business design work selected for the final exhibition of 23rd Biennial of Design International – Museum for Architecture and Design in Ljubljana – Slovenia.
From around 450 entries we are in the run for the final award among other 90 candidates. It will be difficult since this is a contest with tradition in product design…still, it’s an honor to have the opportunity to be there to talk about our project, to be in the official design book and, most important, seeing our work being recognized as truly innovative.

We’ve applied for the “Globalisation” – Social Local (Categorie) and here are a a few words from the curators:
” Selected works for the BIO 23 exhibition show an impulse of how designers and the works they create are influenced by modern technologies, digitalisation and new technologies. Other selected works show contemporary designers embracing the resourcefulness of nature and its processes, while others display an amazing capability to use technology.”

We where both out for so months working and freelancing for some agencies but we are back and committed to continue the fishing for ideas project.
Thanks also to all the people who helped us during this process. Online and Offline.

After spending the monday developing tools our Tuesday was simply crazy…Visiting “Mercado da Ribeira” for the second time in a week. Meeting in the morning and visit to the fish shop. Visiting the “amadora market”. Meeting in Lisbon to evaluate a possible cooperation with another company. Weekly meeting with Sodomar team…redefining new tools…Ufff…